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Jason Paine

Co-Founder, Lead Writer

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Jason Paine is a forex trader, researcher, and tech enthusiast. He is passionate about financial markets and cutting-edge technology. With a dynamic 16-year trading career, he’s on a mission to guide fellow traders.

Having navigated diverse forex brokers, Jason shares his insights at Brokersway, bridging the gap between traders and the right brokerage

Ryan Hardy sitting before his forex trading desk

Ryan Hardy

Fact Checker, Forex Trader

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Ryan Hardy is a Content Writer, Researcher, and Fact Checker at Brokersway. Specializing in forex trading, he focuses on ensuring accuracy in information related to broker regulations, scams, and safety measures. With a commitment to transparency,

Ryan plays a vital role in providing traders with reliable insights to navigate the complex landscape of forex brokers. His expertise and attention to detail contribute to Brokersway’s mission of being a trusted one-stop service for traders seeking the right information in their decision-making process.

Richard Walz headshoot

Richard Walz


My Edits

Richard Walz, a seasoned content writer and broker’s research specialist, is your go-to authority for decoding online forex brokers and trading platforms. As an editor, he ensures precision and clarity, offering traders valuable insights on Brokersway, a trusted resource for informed decision-making in the dynamic world of currency trading.

Richard’s role as an editor ensures that the information presented is not only accurate but also presented in a manner that resonates with traders seeking clarity in their decision-making process. Whether through comprehensive reviews or insightful analyses, Richard Walz continues to be a guiding force for traders looking to make informed and confident choices in the ever-evolving landscape of online forex trading.